What’s Gakken?

Gakken was established in 1946 based on the conviction of the late Hideto Furuoka, founder and educator. Since its start, Gakken has always used “Education” as criteria for its various forms of publishing. With that central goal, Gakken has published both books and magazines in areas of entertainment, hobbies, practical utilities, and cultural interests.
Gakken’s publishing materials mimic the ever-changing lifestyle needs of its readers. Not limited to only publishing, Gakken has been expanding its scope of business in developing the teaching materials and tools for preschools, kindergartens, and high schools.

Gakken is further enhancing its teaching tools by creating unique environments called “Gakken Classrooms” which are both learning centers and places of preparatory schools development. These “Gakken Classrooms” utilize all the Gakken teaching tools and publications to the fullest capacity. As a continuation of its Educational goals, Gakken has launched and advanced into the business of elderly care and parenting support.

Gakken’s core commitments to all aspects of publication have led to its embrace of digitization. Gakken has long been a leader of print publication and is now proactively committed to leveraging this opportunity fully by digitizing the vast amount of contents it possesses and by challenging new ICT trends in education. Gakken is holding its strong status as “the company for education” and has already made a big step by transforming from a publishing company into a multi-level contents creation enterprise. Supported by its corporate spirit of the “Creative Challenge,” Gakken remains unchanged its following foundations:

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