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Terms of use

Use of site content

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Important information for site users

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Changes to these terms and conditions

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Personal Information

Our commitment to your privacy

At Gakken Group, our corporate philosophy and company charter demand that we respect our customers’ privacy and handle personal information appropriately.

Gakken Group Privacy Policy

  • Gakken complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all related laws protecting your personal information. The company has also set forth additional rules protecting personal information within the Gakken Group.
  • In order to protect personal information held by Gakken from loss, falsification, leakage, and the like, we have established a system for appropriately and securely managing it from the time it is received through storage and eventual destruction.
  • When obtaining your personal information, we will only do so through appropriate means and clearly identify the purposes for which we will use it.
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  • When entrusting your personal information to a third party, we will require that the third party handle it appropriately.
  • Appropriate measures will be taken in accordance with the law when customers follow established procedures to request that Gakken disclose, correct, or stop use of their personal information.
  • Gakken Holdings, Co., Ltd. shall be responsible for managing all collected personal information.
  • Note that as a publishing company, Gakken also has a responsibility to uphold the public’s right to information and pursue truth in accordance with the right to free speech. The above privacy policy does not apply to reporting activities not covered under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Copyright information

Use of copyrighted material

All images, text, characters, and other content in Gakken Group publications or on the Gakken website are copyrighted, and their use is protected under copyright law. The Gakken Group prohibits the following uses of copyrighted material in publications or on the internet/intranet without permission (list is not exhaustive).

  • Reproduction of covers, content, table of contents, or other publication information in whole or in part
  • Reproduction of publication summaries or creation of fiction based on copyrighted material
  • Reproduction of images, text, cartoons, or characters in whole or in part
  • Redrawing of images, cartoons, or characters (including parodies and imitations)
  • Production of desktop wallpapers, icons, or computer software using reproductions of publications, images, or cartoons
  • Reproduction of website images or computer programs in whole or in part

The above activities are an infringement of copyright when engaged in for any reason, whether commercial and non-commercial. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.