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Go Go Mazes 4-6YEARS

Go Go Mazes

Since children must process the whole picture as well as its parts to successfully complete each maze, the varied activities in Go Go Mazes develop their reasoning and decision-making skills.

Each maze is designed to be fun and engaging while supporting math and writing skills.

● Skill-building activities

  • Learning to patiently work through a problem
  • Drawing different kinds of lines and shapes
  • Developing handwriting skills
  • Recognizing and matching familiar and similar objects
  • Solving more complex mazes
  • Expanding his or her ability to concentrate


  • ACTIVITY Stickers
  • REWARD Stickers
  • WIPE-CLEAN Activity Board
  • PRICE : $7.95 USD
  • PAGES : Paperback 70pages
  • SIZE : 8.3 in W | 11.7 in H
  • ISBN : 9784056300048
  • COLOR : Full color