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Go Go Life Skills

Go Go Life Skills

Go Go Life Skills designed to give very young children a fun introduction to social skills and creative problem-solving. The activities in this book boost general knowledge of our everyday environment, including understanding social rules, and recognizing common plants and animals, while providing practice in the fundamental skills children need to find solutions to everyday challenges. Independent problem-solving leads to a smooth transition into kindergarten life.

● Skill-building activities

  • Inferring the whole based on a part
  • Following steps in a specific order
  • Putting together parts of drawings to make a whole
  • Learning about animals and plants
  • Counting and comparing
  • Expressing oneself with words


  • ACTIVITY Stickers
  • REWARD Stickers
  • WIPE-CLEAN Activity Board
  • PRICE : $7.95 USD
  • PAGES : Paperback 70pages
  • SIZE : 8.3 in W | 11.7 in H
  • ISBN : 9784056300093
  • COLOR : Full color