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Go Go Life Skills 2-4YEARS

Go Go Life Skills

Children learn and grow in everything they do and, if given the right tools, can continue this natural learning process throughout their lives.

Go Go Life Skills, with its creatively designed tools, actively engages children’s natural curiosity, imagination and creativity as they develop their self-awareness and a love for learning. At the same time, it will give them footing in early academic skills such as reasoning, basic writing and numbers, marking a great start on their way to lifelong learning.

The activities in Go Go Life Skills target the basic life skills needed for steady intellectual development in a fun, involving way, so your child will keep wanting to do more.

● Skill-building activities

  • Identifying & pointing at objects, and tracing lines with fingers
  • Recognizing shapes, colors, and patterns
  • Matching & naming different kinds of objects
  • Solving puzzles
  • Counting
  • Creative art & drawing activities


  • ACTIVITY Stickers
  • REWARD Stickers
  • WIPE-CLEAN Activity Board
  • PRICE : $7.95 USD
  • PAGES : Paperback 70pages
  • SIZE : 8.3 in W | 11.7 in H
  • ISBN : 9784056300055
  • COLOR : Full color