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Go Go Intellectual Skills 2-4YEARS

Go Go Intellectual Skills

Go Go Intellectual Skills, in order to foster early intellectual skills, lends a guiding hand to children’s natural curiosity.

The varied daily routine contained within zooms in on the fundamental academic skills of observation, reasoning and counting, and encourages creative problem-solving and critical-thinking in the process. Additionally, it includes fun art activities which provide a valuable venue for their budding self-expression.

Following this engaging model designed to captivate and inspire very young learners, your child will take a big step on his or her way to a lifetime of learning and a highly fulfilling school life in the coming years.

● Skill-building activities

  • Pointing and tracing with fingers
  • Decorating with stickers, purposefully and creatively
  • Coloring and drawing
  • Connecting like objects
  • Naming and using colors, shapes, and numbers
  • Writing letters and numbers
  • Acquiring healthy everyday habits


  • ACTIVITY Stickers
  • REWARD Stickers
  • WIPE-CLEAN Activity Board
  • PRICE : $7.95 USD
  • PAGES : Paperback 70pages
  • SIZE : 8.3 in W | 11.7 in H
  • ISBN : 9784056300079
  • COLOR : Full color