Our Books | Go Go Drawing 2-4YEARS

Go Go Drawing

Prepare your two-to four-year-old child for preschool or kindergarten through development of fine-motor skills.

The activities in Go Go Drawing introduce your child to situations and concepts he or she might encounter at school, such as how to be polite and what to expect, as well as give practice with colors, numbers, and shapes.Keep the activities fun to create a love for learning while building the fundamental skills your child needs to feel confident in the classroom.

● Skill-building activities

  • Drawing dots, and straight lines or curvy ones
  • Learning pencil control for later handwriting
  • Drawing and coloring creative pictures
  • Learning the organization of a school day
  • Seeing examples of polite behavior
  • Practicing basic academic skills


  • ACTIVITY Stickers
  • REWARD Stickers
  • WIPE-CLEAN Activity Board
  • PRICE : $7.95 USD
  • PAGES : Paperback 70pages
  • SIZE : 8.3 in W | 11.7 in H
  • ISBN : 9784056300000
  • COLOR : Full color