• What’s different about the Go Go workbooks compared to other workbooks?
    The average workbook recycles very similar problems over and over, but the Go Go series has a large variety of patterns so children can practice and learn without getting bored. It also uses stickers to give the child an active role in building each page, allowing a sense of accomplishment and a desire to do more.
  • Where can I get them?
    You can find them at Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobel’s online shop, bookstores, and department stores.
  • How do I choose which one to get?
    The age on the box is a guideline. For instance, 2-4, the general standard for the contents is age 3. However, while the contents are aligned different stages of development, each child is different so you may well find a book that fits your child’s needs or interests that doesn’t correspond with their age.
  • What should I do to help?
    At first, stay with your child and encourage them as they get the hang of it. Encouragement from the parents is vital for fostering children’s budding curiosity and imagination.
    Praise your child as he or she finishes each activity. Be specific. Say something such as, “Congratulations, you drew a circle” or, “Good thinking. You found the way out!”
  • Do I have to stay with my child the whole time they’re using it?
    Your child will gradually get a knack for the activities. They’ll learn to categorize the problems and recognize solution patterns from other activities. As their problem-solving ability grows, they’ll need less and less support from you. However, do make sure to praise them after they’ve finished.
  • What should I do if my child gets tired of it?
    Very young children are said to have an attention span of 5 minutes at a time. But there’s no problem here. The Go Go series has prepared a range of varied activities so if your child does get tired of doing it one day, they can try a different kind of activity the next day. There’s no need to proceed through the book in order.
  • What should I do if my child says they want to do more?
    If your child wants to keep going then by all means let them. You might decide on a goal with them, such as, “Ok, let’s do another 5 pages,” and then look back over their work with them. This will help solidify the material in their head.
  • Will the Go Go series help my child get ready to start school?
    It sure will. The Go Go series helps children to obtain two essential skill sets for school. One is early academic skills, such as reasoning, basic writing, and numbers. The other is general skills for living, i.e. eating habits, changing clothes, brushing your teeth, communicating with friends, and general social skills. Our books are designed to help parents send their children off to kindergarten with confidence.